Greetings everyone! After being off my 1884 Nighthawk 450 for about 26 years, I 
finally caved on another Nighthawk! This time, found a burgundy, 1983 650 with 
less than14,500 kilometers, or about 9,000 miles! It's in decent physical shape 
and completely driveable right now, but I am thinking over time, Restomod over 

First question...

It seems there is zero chance of finding the OEM pipes, at least my searches 
have yielded nothing. I like the look, and sound of the original exhaust. 
Another option, is there a near perfect 4 into 2 match available in the 
aftermarket? My OEM pipes don't look to bad. There is a dime sized spot on the 
top of both pipes near the end, but not sure how bad it is unless I grind / cut 
into it. As a final option, has anyone ever repaired the OEM pipes? Honestly, 
as part of my restomod idea, I would rather have the entire exhaust ceramic 
coated flat black and call it done!

Any info appreciated!


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