On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 09:54:15AM -0500, J C Lawrence wrote:
] UW-imap can read MH folders, tho it doesn't maintain sequence files
] properly.  Drop any of the IMAP web front ends in front of that...

That first sentance is seems unbalanced.

I've found that while uw-imap can READ MH folders, it has great
trouble doing anything that involves writing.  I had to go through
several gyrations in my mail client to even get it to delete mail.
And have been unable to get even read flags to be set properly.

So, while I'm able to read the mail, i've found that it doesnt
handle any sequences, including read/unread, AT ALL.

I'm running Mail.app 1.3 (OS X, Panther) as my mail client.  I'd
really love a solution to what I consider a basic problem.  This
is with uw-imap 2002e, but have seen no evidence in changelogs that
this is fixed in a more recent version of UW-imap.

I'm starting to think that my only hope is that nmh gets support
for MailDir folders instead.  (I'm running DoveCot with MailDir
on another server, and everything just works fine.)



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