On Dec 10, Marc Baaden wrote:
> as a regular nmh/exmh user, I currently deplore the possibility to
> handle my mail while I am out of town and do not have access to ssh/telnet
> to check mail via the command line.
> IN these cases a Web-interface for mh would be great.
> Does this exist already ?
> Or can existing solutions be adapted for mh-folders ?
> The main options I require are scan-listings for folders, delete and reply.

    I've been working on a webmail frontend to nmh for about a month
now.  Currently one can read and delete but not post, and MIME handling
is inelegant.  It does a fine job at what it does, though.

    I'm willing to release it under GPL; soon, I'll put it on
sourceforge or somesuch.  I've been using it daily, and I feel it's just
about ready for human consumption.  If anyone on the list would like to
try it out before I widely publish it, drop me a line and I'll send it
to you.

    - Kurt

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