David Levine wrote:
> I just committed configure.ac and Makefile.am that should pick up
> Ralph's getline(3) replacement if needed.  So we should be ready for
> another try on Solaris.

Just two failures left:
    usage: script [ -a ] [ typescript ]
    grep: can't open 
No such file or directory
    mhparam skips the welcome message failed
    FAIL: test/install-mh/test-version-check

This is a new check with the welcome message stuff.  Judging from
online man pages for script, this will have problems on other systems
too. OpenBSD for example, only seems to have a -a option for script.
Can't we redirect standard input on it to provide the command?

What is the actual purpose of using script? The comment talks about
waiting for user input but what part of which command waits for
user input? Is this the shell job control or the nmh command under

I've stripped a few lines from the output but the next failure is basically:
    /bin/sh: bad substitution

      [ Message inbox:11 ]
      [ part 1.1.1 - text/html -   111B  ]
    ! This is the text/html body part.
    --- 1,3 ----
      [ Message inbox:11 ]
      [ part 1.1.1 - text/html -   111B  ]
    ! exit 1

    FAIL: test/mhshow/test-subpart

It took a bit of tracking down to find the bad substitution but it
seems to be from the w3m invocation being passed ${charset:+-I "$charset"}

The space between -I and the charset is the problem. w3m doesn't
seem to actually require that space so it could simply be removed.


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