In a message of Mon, 17 Oct 2016 13:09:35 -0400, Ken Hornstein writes:
>>So I updated to the new RHEL6 package of nmh 1.6 (had been on 1.5).
>>I've found that it now wants to mime-ify outgoing mail and among
>>other things attaches
>>      Content-type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"
>>Apparently, it's also trying to enforce that by rejecting any
>>non-plain-ASCII content.  This is a real pain, mainly because whatever
>>it's doing isn't playing well with exmh: the post simply silently doesn't
>>happen.  That's several notches below the already pretty awful handling
>>of post errors that I was used to.
>AFAIK, when send doesn't happen you should always get an error, and an
>exit with a non-zero error code.  Certainly when a send fails for me
>with exmh I always know about it.  This is assuming you don't use -push.
>So if this is failing, then that's a bug.  If you're using -push ... well,
>then what is happening is exactly what is supposed to be happening :-/
>Hm, in theory I see that you're supposed to get email back when push
>fails.  I'm not sure that's been tested in like forever.  I'm not actually
>sure what is supposed to do that.  Ah, alright ... I see there's an alert()
>function in uip/sendsbr.c.  I suspect we're not calling that if mhbuild
>>I don't usually compose mail that isn't straight ASCII, but I've already
>>been burnt twice this morning by trying to forward text that included
>>a stray UTF8 character or two.
>>Any suggestions on how to improve this?  Ideally I'd like it to pass
>>through what it's told to, perhaps changing the charset marking to
>>utf8 when necessary.
>Well, that's what supposed to happen, and that's what happens for me.
>I have a strong suspicion that if you were to get the error back (e.g.,
>not use -push if you are), it might show something like this:
>Text content contains 8 bit characters, but character set is US-ASCII
>Which would happen if (a) you put an 8-bit character in your draft, and
>(b) your locale is set to US-ASCII.  Nmh takes the character set to use
>out of the user's locale.  If you're forwarding an email without using
>MIME forwarding, then nmh doesn't have any idea what the character set
>should be; that might be a problem because it could guess wrong.
>Solutions include:
>- Using MIME forwarding (forw -mime)
>- Setting an 8-bit locale, but you might get the character set wrong there.
>If things are really crapping out with no error and you're not using -push,
>clearly that's a bug we need to fix.  Also, I guess we should probably send
>an error email if -push is being used and mhbuild fails.

Since us-ascii is a perfect subset of utf-8, is there any reason that nmh
couldn't take a look at the locale, and if it is us-ascii just use uft-8?


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