Hi Tom,

> But I don't really agree with the tradeoff that's been made of failing
> when you can't be sure of that.

I don't think nmh should be complicit to you putting an RFC-invalid
email onto the wire;  there's enough of them in the world already.  :-)

> Especially since, if you think you know what non-ASCII encoding a bit
> of text is in, you're just fooling yourself anyway.

Perhaps I've misremembering, but nmh is trusting you to say what the
encoding is, through your locale, and checking the content against that.
If you're lying and get caught out, nmh is reasonable to get shirty?

> Maybe we could just leave off the character set spec if it turns out
> to be definitely wrong?

IIRC the RFCs say an email on the wire like that is US-ASCII.  :-)

Cheers, Ralph.

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