>The problem is that most of the time people who have the locale US-ASCII
>set do so when what they want is 'English, US or Brit doesn't matter,
>but keep all the extra characters that other people are using when,
>for instance writing their names'.  They don't want their mail to fall over
>because they are replying to Åsa Krigström in Nyköping.

But it seems like en_US.UTF-8 (or en_GB.UTF-8) is what they really want,
then.  I just don't feel comfortable about assuming a character set.  Also,
at least with nmh if they just have LANG=C, they're not going to be able
SEE any 8-bit characters.

>Just giving them utf-8 even though that wasn't what they asked for
>has fixed a huge number of headaches when running mailing lists
>around here.

That's not exactly the same problem, is it?  Also, how did that work?
Did the mailing lists unilaterally just convert everything to utf-8?


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