Hello Ralph,

> [...]
> I've re-written the MULTIBYTE_ENABLED cpstripped() on git's master
> branch, not the 1.7 one.  Could you give it a go with what failed
> before, and ideally run a `make check' and if all's well a
> `NMH_VALGRIND=1 VALGRIND_ME=1 make check' to give it a work out, it
> takes a while, with your different definitions of Unicode widths.
> docs/README.developers explains those two variables.
> [...]

Sure! At least regarding the `make check' (always on NetBSD/amd64
8.99.1), all 104 tests are passed and 7 tests were not run. Regarding
the not run ones (all expected):

 ./test/inc/test-deb359167: skipped: missing valgrind                
 SKIP: test/inc/test-deb359167     
 ./test/oauth/test-inc: skipped: no oauth support                    
 SKIP: test/oauth/test-inc         
 ./test/oauth/test-mhlogin: skipped: no oauth support                
 SKIP: test/oauth/test-mhlogin     
 ./test/oauth/test-mhparam: skipped: no oauth support                
 SKIP: test/oauth/test-mhparam     
 ./test/oauth/test-send: skipped: no oauth support                   
 SKIP: test/oauth/test-send        
 ./test/oauth/test-sendfrom: skipped: no oauth support               
 SKIP: test/oauth/test-sendfrom    
 ./test/oauth/test-share: skipped: no oauth support                  
 SKIP: test/oauth/test-share       

(the former because valgrind isn't available here, the latter because
oauth support wasn't enabled).

Back to the problematic Norm's email (and some emails that I had
that exposed the same Norm's problem):

 % scan -format '%(decode{subject})' +. 1
 ?Sun’s out, savings ON—shop major appliance deals now

So it no longer asserts and instead of sunglasses a `?' is printed! Yay!

Regarding `NMH_VALGRIND=1 VALGRIND_ME=1 make check' unfortunately on
NetBSD valgrind isn't available so I can't probably help for these tests,

Thank you very much Ralph for the investigation and for fixing this bug!

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