>I ideally ask because of an off-list comment received of being tempted
>to re-write nmh in Go.  That would be my first choice in starting today
>too.  I've been programming C on Unix since the 80s, and it's seen off
>inferior allcomers like Java and C++, but Go is the one to replace it
>for many programs.  (OS and embedded are safe;  this ARM has 16 KiB

I haven't yet had a reason to dip my toe into Go, but I've heard plenty
of good things about it.  So I'm not against the idea, and I might even
contribute to an effort like that.

But ... one nasty problem raises it's head.  That is the lack of _time_.
We have plenty of great ideas, but those of us who want to implement
them all suffer from a lack of time to work on them.  Rewriting nmh in
Go seems like it would take a long time.  Slowly switching from C go Go
seems like it would introduce lots of negatives and maybe it wouldn't
even be possible.  I mean, if people have the time, please, have at it!
But understand why some of us are going to plod along with the existing
codebase for now.



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