Andy Bradford wrote:
Thus said Ken Hornstein on Tue, 13 Feb 2018 11:30:38 -0500:

We've talked a lot about the subtle change to move MH to Maildir, and
we never quite work out all the wrinkles, and I'd sure like to that.
I hear people say this, and I have to wonder ... what's the goal here?

Again, as one  of the few remaining qmail users,  I've never really seen
the need for MH to move to Maildir. What exactly would I gain by that?

i need to view my folders (including inbox, which i think might be called a mailbox rather than a folder here) using other tools than MH. for example, an IMAP server, or a command line tool like Mush, or indeed anything that understands MIME.

P Vixie


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