Ken Hornstein <> wrote:
    >> We've talked a lot about the subtle change to move MH to Maildir, and we
    >> never quite work out all the wrinkles, and I'd sure like to that.

    > I hear people say this, and I have to wonder ... what's the goal here?

    > If the goal is to share your mailbox with another client (or maybe
    > IMAP server) that understands Maildir, okay, fine, I can get that.  But as
    > far as I can tell that's the only reason to do it.

I have 2.3G of "Mail" on my desktop, and 1.1G of "Mail" on a bigger server.
(Doesn't sound like that much anymore even though it goes back to 1988...)

Searching both involves grep, and of course, it fails with base64 and other 
When my desktop was my laptop (that's another story), I pushed more mail
From it to the bigger server for safer keeping.

I'd like to access my "bigger server" via IMAP.

I'd like to access my desktop Mail via IMAP from localhost, because I
sometimes want to use a MUA which isn't MH.  If a MUA on my desktop spoke
Maildir, then I'd be happy without the IMAP layer.

(In particular, it would be nice to be able to access both from my phone)

I'd actually be totally happy with read-only IMAP.
On the "bigger server", I might even make a new partition and mount it 

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