>i'd like to provide the MH view via FUSE rather than files-on-disk. 
>rather than using command line utilities to extract a mime part, i want 
>to access it by ~/Mail/inbox/135/part1.exe or whatever.

I've already given my thoughts on this, but ... really, if someone wants
to do this, have at it!

But ...

>in that world, inc would speak Maildir format

Done!  inc has been able to grok Maildir format for ... over 6 years now.

>what seems to have been lost on the other historians here is that mark 
>ignored MH when he made imap, and that bernstein ignored MH when he made 
>Maildir -- and both are _better_ than MH for all modern purposes. MH is 
>now an eddy pool of the e-mail river.

Weeelll ... I know you complained about Mark making messages numbers not
being able to have holes in them; I view UIDs as the compromise there.
But Bernstein ignored MH because he was not trying to invent a MAILBOX
format, he was trying to invent a mailDROP ... really, I went back and
looked.  Yes, I know people now use Maildir as a mailbox, and I think
that's weird, but it wasn't his intention.



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