>were writing out message files in mbox format (because procmail ensures
>its output starts with a `From ' line and `>'-quotes any body lines
>starting with `From', so is basically outputting an mbox file; and
>rcvstore saves its input verbatim).

Are you using the -f or -d flags to procmail?  I see that those will cause
procmail to add a mbox header if one does not exist.  I assume that since
people have been using rcvstore with procmail for a long time that
you should NOT use that when using rcvstore.  If you are not using those
flags then something above procmail is generating that.  I confess that
I do know if it is standard to have programs called from a forward
file to receive an mbox-formatted message or not!  Since rcvstore is
designed to be called from a forward file, I think that maybe the
standard is to NOT receive a mbox-formatted message.

I also see that procmailex(5) shows an example of using formail(1) to
filter out and regenerate 'From ' headers, and it is looks trivial to
use it to just filter it out.

Unfortuntely, ">From" escaping in email bodies is not reversable, so
the only good option is to not have the final delivery agent generate
those escapes.



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