I recently realized that my procmail recipes with actions of the form

| rcvstore

were writing out message files in mbox format (because procmail ensures
its output starts with a `From ' line and `>'-quotes any body lines
starting with `From', so is basically outputting an mbox file; and
rcvstore saves its input verbatim).

This turns out to lead to at least two minor defects depending on the
original message's sender and body:

1. Programs that try to parse that line commencing with `From ' as a
header will get a field name that runs up to the first colon in the
timestamp. This is likely mostly harmless, but if the sender's address
is sufficiently long that that first colon isn't within the first 127
bytes of text, then the line won't parse as a header, and the MH program
will error out.

2. It looks like show et al. doesn't do any `>'-quote removal when
printing message bodies. (Of course, why would it?) I've only tried
verifying this on non-MIME messages; I'm afraid to find out what happens
when a `>'-quote gets insinuated into a MIME part.

Anyway, mea culpa for those defective procmail recipes, though I find
no references on the web to how to avoid this problem.

Is there a proper way to use procmail and rcvstore that yields correctly
formatted RFC822 message files?



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