I presently have 216 ignores lines in mhl.headers and mhl.format
which makes most messages simply display normally but then there is
this type of metadata which is infinitely variable and stopping
that display is the classic game of Wackamole. an example

>From beginners-return-124795-martin=shellworld....@perl.org  Tue Sep 16 22: 23:
     ***20 2014
X-Original-MAILFROM: leviet...@kaist.ac.kr
X-Original-RCPTTO: beginn...@perl.org
X-Sensmail-Info: kaist.ac.kr;5418f38f3fe7aa41a1f4b55a;levietduc;01;9
X-Sensmail-Rcptkey: 5418f3983fef8181218b4ce2

Greeting from S. Korea !

Everyone of the lines starting with X- is useful if there is a
delivery problem or some other functional issue but, when the
message process works normally, it's just more screen chaff to
winnow to get to the message.

I did try ignores=X-* with no change, either good or bad.  Is
there an easily-reversible way to ignore every X- header and be
done with all of them?

        I did write a small perl script that, along with a small
shell script isolates the X- lines and then produces a file
called moreignores containing all the new X-'s.  It is then added
to the existing filter and that whacks that mole until the next
one comes along.

        It is sort of amusing and the addignores script makes
things go faster but I enjoy working smarter rather than harder.

Thanks for any and all constructive suggestions.  I am a very
happy nmh user for well over 20 years.

Martin McCormick


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