>I presently have 216 ignores lines in mhl.headers and mhl.format
>which makes most messages simply display normally but then there is
>this type of metadata which is infinitely variable and stopping
>that display is the classic game of Wackamole. an example

We don't have any functionality to do pattern/regexp matching for headers
in mhl; that's not a bad idea, but I don't think any of us will get to
that soon.

One thing some people do is invert the idea completely; they configure
nmh to only display the headers that they are interested in.  If you are
up to 216 ignore lines, maybe that's a better idea?  You can do that by
simply removing the "extras" component (see mhl(1)).  That does mean
if an interesting header shows up you won't know about it unless you
look at the raw message; you need to ask yourself how often that happens.



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