"Martin McCormick" <marti...@suddenlink.net> writes:
> I presently have 216 ignores lines in mhl.headers and mhl.format
> which makes most messages simply display normally but then there is
> this type of metadata which is infinitely variable and stopping
> that display is the classic game of Wackamole.

I'm not sure whether this will help for the cases you're worried about,
but for me, it works to use * as a wildcard in .mh_profile's
Header-Suppress entry:

Header-Suppress: Delivery-Date Delivered-To Newsgroups Path Received References 
Return-Path Originator Sender Version Errors-To Mime-Version Content-.* 
Precedence Mbox-Line Resent-.* Mailbox-Line User-Agent DomainKey-Signature 
DKIM-.* Received-SPF Authentication-Results Autocrypt Openpgp SpamDiagnostic.* 
Thread-.* List-.* X-.*

But that might be an exmh-ism rather than native nmh, not sure.

                        regards, tom lane


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