Ken wrote:

> Weeeelll .... the whole reason this started was because people aren't
> reading the documentation :-)

Documentation is not the whole reason.  The fact that post(8) behaves
differently from nearly all other MH/nmh programs requires an exception
when thinking about it.  (SUBTLE!)  That is validated by the fact that
three of us looked at the user's profile excerpt and two missed the use
of a post: profile component.  (And I was one of those two and am very
well aware of this exception.)  And that the documentation itself had
missed this until late 2011.

Is there any reason that we should NOT provide a warning to help users?
Especially first-time users who haven't read all 19K lines of man pages?
Aren't we trying to minimize configuration impediments?

Of course, there would be a mechanism to disable the warning for
those who want to have a post component in their profile.

> And even though David added a
> comment about this in sbr/mts.c, whom DOES read the profile (and as far
> as I can tell, it always did).


> install-mh isn't on this list, but it
> did not use the profile to add to it's arguments.

And I don't expect that many users run install-mh more than once.  Until
someone asks for install: -check to be supported in their profile, I
think that we can ignore it.  And similarly for slocal.



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