Ken wrote:

> If you have a profile entry under "post", it really isn't for the
> program post(8); they're for a program who's argv[0] is "post".

OK.  Would this always be through a postproc entry?  See below for
why I ask.

A user could replace the installed post with their own program, but
I'd argue that they should use postproc.

> But ... if you're not convinced, how about a compromise?  send(1) is
> the normal front-end to post(8); how about have it check and issue a
> warning, rather than all programs?

Well, that would miss mhmail, whom, rcvdist, and viamail.  And
whatnow push, though I don't think there's a need to help diagnose
use of a post profile entry with that.

And I would still prefer to notify the user as soon as possible,
so prefer that all programs check.

How about suppressing the warning if the user has set postproc in
their profile?



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