On Tue, 06 Nov 2018 14:02:48 +0000, Ralph Corderoy writes:
>Where does one go for exmh these days?  Google's top hit is

and that's the right place for uptodate sources.

>and that says the current web site is

i'll get in touch with brent welch about updating that version and link
on his site.

>I considered poking around
>https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/exmh-users for signs of life,
>but those archives are subscriber only.

exmh-workers and exmh-users are very low volume lists, but worth
subscribing to.

>I found a probable public copy
>at https://marc.info/?l=exmh-users&r=1&w=2 and see valdis is active.

and so am i (the debian maintainer of both exmh and nmh).

>The 2.7.2 I found suggests running a wish script to install.
>That doesn't appeal without reading through and understanding it first.  :-)

that's been the way exmh tunes and adjusts things before installation
for decades. it's not awesome.

>Debian has a dozen patches to apply, and a semi-hand-crafted
>/etc/exmh.conf to avoid running the install program.  I'm thinking of
>following its
>https://sources.debian.org/src/exmh/1:2.8.0-7/debian/rules/ to manually
>install here on Arch Linux.

the main reason why debian has debian-specific patches is that
the debian policy requires particular behaviours wrt. where files
may go and so on. some are just patches for things that have been fixed
in cvs/git since 2.8.0 went out.


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