Den 07.11.2018 21:52, skrev Ken Hornstein:
I considered poking around for signs of life,
but those archives are subscriber only.
You know, this has always driven me nuts.  Why is it set like this?  Can
that be opened up?
You could always subscribe. Below is last msg on, from today:

Den 07.11.2018 07:15, skrev
I tagged 2.9.0 and pushed it to the git repository and 2.9.0 tarballs to the
sourceforge project page.  I *think* I caught most of the important 2.8.0->
2.9.0 references. If I missed anything, yell...

In related questions:  Is it going to cause any issues if I make nmh 1.6 the
minimum supported underlying MH release? I'm looking at taking a baseball bat
to our current multipart composition support, but it would leverage mhbuild
which first appeared in nmh 1.6.

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