On Jun 10, 2009, at 5:14 PM, Michael wrote:

>  I have visited extensively with US Bank concerning my ability to
> sign in.  I have my User Name: (my social security number) and
> Password: (my ATM Pin) and nothing works (selecting quicken for mac,
> quicken for windows, moneywell, or microsoft money).  I have read the
> previously discussed problem on this forum, and have done everything I
> can do from my bank's side.  Is this still a problem people are
> having???  This program was the main reason I bought the mac update
> package.  I would love to use this software, but if I can't get the
> info from my bank then it's useless.

Hi Michael,

You do need to be signed up for direct connect service with your bank.  
My suggestion is to contact your financial institution and tell them  
that you are having problems connecting to this account with Quicken  
for Mac (don't say MoneyWell because it will confuse them).


Kevin Hoctor
No Thirst Software LLC

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