This will allow to use the Azure ARM provider from the jclouds CLI (/cc @ 

This PR depends on and 
includes the changes in It 
should be merged once both PRs are merged (the build will fail until then).

I'm submitting it for an early review.

The `azurecompute-arm` provider depends on the OkHttp driver, but there are no 
OSGi bundles for the version of OkHttp we currently support and its transitive 
dependency, Okio. I've added the corresponding bundles here. There are bundles 
in servicemix for both libraries, but for newer verions. We should consider 
submitting a pull request there and replace our custom bundles. However, OkHttp 
comes with several module we don't use and a proper PR to servicemix should 
include those modules too. I'd like to focus on what we really need so we can 
include this as soon as possible for the 2.0 release, and once that is done, 
take time to create proper bundles for all OkHttp modules and move to 

@demobox WDYT?

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-- Commit Summary --

  * Fix OSGiScriptEngineManager package
  * JCLOUDS-664: Added Azure ARM to jclouds-karaf

-- File Changes --

    A bundles/okhttp/pom.xml (87)
    A bundles/okio/pom.xml (87)
    M bundles/pom.xml (2)
    M commands/src/main/resources/OSGI-INF/blueprint/jclouds-commands.xml (2)
    M feature/src/main/resources/feature.xml (10)
    M pom.xml (2)

-- Patch Links --

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