I'm a bit hesitant to upgrade OkHttp. Some time ago I wanted to upgrade it to 
version 3.0.0, but there were several errors due to client validations. Looking 
at the changelog... it is significant, and there are changes such as this one 
in 2.4.0:

>Forbid response bodies on HTTP 204 and 205 responses. Webservers that return 
>such malformed responses will now trigger a ProtocolException in the client.

That introduces validations that may cause the driver to fail on certain 
providers (we know how tricky/far-from-the-spec-correctness many provider apis 
are), and that could be an issue since some of them (Docker, openstack-marconi, 
azure ARM, use OkHttp by default to leverage some features such as PATCH 
requests, etc.

I wouldn't feel comfortable upgrading OkHttp. It is a great library, but that 
kind of client validations, imposing strict restrictions on what they expect 
from servers, can be a show stopper for some providers.

> Failing that, we would want to open a ticket with Servicemix for them to 
> create a new bundle for the version we need, I'd say.

Yep. I have it in my TODO list

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