nacx commented on this pull request.

> +import org.jclouds.compute.ComputeServiceAdapter;
+import org.jclouds.compute.domain.Hardware;
+import org.jclouds.compute.domain.Processor;
+import org.jclouds.compute.domain.Template;
+import org.jclouds.compute.domain.Volume;
+import org.jclouds.compute.options.TemplateOptions;
+import org.jclouds.compute.reference.ComputeServiceConstants;
+import org.jclouds.compute.util.ComputeServiceUtils;
+import static 
+import org.jclouds.domain.Location;
+import org.jclouds.domain.LoginCredentials;
+import org.jclouds.logging.Logger;
+public class OneandoneComputeServiceAdapter implements 
ComputeServiceAdapter<Server, HardwareFlavour, SingleServerAppliance, Location> 

You need to add something [like 
 to your compute service module, and you'll have to create a function that 
transforms a DataCenter into a Location (and obviously implement in the adapter 
the list locations method).

You can keep this binding. It just configures which location to use when the 
user does not set it. That is the [default 
 though, so the binding is redundant and can be removed.

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