willbarrett commented on issue #9077: [SIP-35] Proposal for Improving 
Superset’s Python Code Organization
   First, thanks for your comments! I appreciate the community taking the issue 
   @DiggidyDave I agree that empty `__init__.py` files will help substantially. 
@dpgaspar has a PR open right now that's linked to this issue that demonstrates 
the patterns we're suggesting. IMHO the result is very readable and easy to 
work with. We hope for this SIP to be a North Star that we gradually work 
towards. I like your suggestion of implementing valuable bits in chunks. I'd 
recommend being pragmatic and attacking small enough pieces that they are 
comprehensible. One of the areas I'm most excited to tackle is slimming down 
the model layer using DAOs and commands - I think models are far too thick at 
the moment, but I would treat this work alone as multiple coherent changes 
rather than one large PR due to the potential complexity involved.
   @john-bodley Superset currently has examples of both the Command pattern and 
a pattern similar to DAOs. Alembic's individual migration classes are an 
example of a command and FAB's shared filters are very similar to a DAO, in 
that they encapsulate shared query logic outside of the model. A DAO allows us 
to extract query logic from model classes to a clear destination. As we 
refactor, we need a target to move towards. Blueprints separate functionality 
well at the API layer, but will not provide a clean abstraction at the model or 
business logic layer without a few other patterns to lean on. I agree that 
fully refactoring the code is a large unit of work and expect this to be a 
target we move towards gradually where it makes sense. Currently the model 
layer is very thick and we have a lot of business logic in endpoint code. To me 
this is a difficult problem to solve without a shared concept of where this 
code should go moving forward and a pattern to leverage.

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