ktmud edited a comment on issue #9077: [SIP-35] Proposal for Improving 
Superset’s Python Code Organization
   Chime in my two cents as a passerby.  I really like that different modules 
have their independent folders and we are introducing conventions and 
increasing consistency. I think an intuitive code structure and consistent 
paradigms help a lot for future contributors to understand the code.
   Sharing the approach I took in one of my older projects ([a general purpose 
   )).  It's slightly different than what is proposed, but very similar in 
   My python files are organized [like 
   ├── __init__.py
   ├── app.py
   ├── core/   # core data models, user accounts, base data entities etc
   ├── ext/      # 3rd-party/non-essential extensions, s3 uploads, etc
   ├── lib/       # db mixins, cache decorators, utilities
   ├── modules/   # modules as organized in the main menu (URL route)
   │   ├── __init__.py  # import and compose all modules
   │   ├── module_1
   │   │   ├── __init__.py
   │   │   ├── admin.py   # admin views, a separate Blueprint for editing 
   │   │   ├── model.py   # operation on data entities, objects for data access
   │   │   └── view.py     # User facing Blueprint for "module_1", handlers 
parsing parameters
   │   ├── module_2
   │   │   ├── __init__.py
   │   │   ├── admin.py
   │   │   ├── model.py
   │   │   └── view.py
   I find the separation of core/shared functionalities and addition of a 
"modules" folder especially useful because it makes the whole project easier to 
   Loading modules  and booting the app is as simple as 
   def load_module(app, name):
       """Dynamically load modules in the `modules/` folder.
       package = 'david.modules.%s' % name
       mod = __import__(package, fromlist=['admin', 'bp', 'setup', 'view'])
       # register module blueprint and setup
       register_views(app, mod)
       if hasattr(mod, 'view'):
           register_views(app, mod.view)
       return mod
   def register_views(app, *view_modules):
       """Register views, including API endpoints"""
       for v in view_modules:
           if hasattr(v, 'bp'):
           if hasattr(v, 'setup'):
   It looks like the `boot.py` file will achieve the same goal.
   Hope this helps.

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