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> Or do we not index whatever dummy text we add? Or do we not
> even put it in? Or not even show it at all? I was just thinking
> of having "Missing messages..." showing up as the start of
> the thread, but maybe it's no needed.

Oh, I was assuming you wouldn't index any text. The UI can add "missing
message" for a document with no filename, for example.

> So, to summarise, I should first look at storing filesizes, then
> the collision code to make it index further when the filesize grows,
> and then finally the code to add documents for missing messages?

Some of the code areas to be touched will be changing soon, (at least as
far as when filenames appear and disappear). Hopefully I'll have
something posted for that sooner rather than later to avoid having to
redo too much work.

> The only thing I am unclear on is how to handle existing databases?
> Do we have any concept of versioning? Or should I just assume that
> filesize: may not be in the document and act appropriately?

My current, outstanding patch is going to be the first trigger for a
"flag day" where we'll all need to rewrite our databases.

We don't have any concept of versioning yet, but it would obviously be
easy to have a new version document with an increasing integer.

But even with my current patch I'm considering doing a graceful upgrade
of the database in-place rather than making the user do something like a
dump, delete, rebuild, restore. That would give a much better experience
than "Your database is out-of-date, please rebuild it", so we'll see if
I pursue that in the end.


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