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> Your choice. I prefer putting them in the same commit to be more
> self-documenting, and then using the capabilities of my VCS to verify
> the change if i desire.

But that's my point. With it split, I can actually use "git checkout" to
go to a state where the test exists, but the bug hasn't been fixed. With
it combined, there's no such state. (I can checkout state with the bug,
but then there's nothing in the test suite to exercise it.)

> This would fix up threads for all existing messages?

Yes. It seems un-right for notmuch to provide a feature on an arbitrary
subset of messages, (those that happened to be added after the user
switched to some particular version of notmuch).

> Probably a good thing to have, but not that important to me. In my
> case I can always open the bug in my browser if I want to see the full
> conversation.

I agree it's not totally essential. But it should be easy enough to pick
up in the upcoming database upgrade, (which may actually end up being a
full rebuild anyway---I've got a lot of things to change and a full
rebuild might be the fastest thing to do).


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