On Sat, 13 Mar 2010 16:27:57 -0500, James Westby <jw+deb...@jameswestby.net> 
> This allows us to thread messages even when we receive them out of
> order, or never receive the root.

Thanks for this patch, James! It's especially nice to have the fix come
in with additions to the test suite as well.

I did split up the commit so the addition to the test suite happens
first. That way it's easy to test the test itself, (verifying that it
fails before the fix, and then passes after the fix).

I also added a few documentation and other cleanups as follow-on
commits. Hopefully, they don't change the logic at all, but make things
easier to understand.

So that's all pushed.

Then, I started implementing support for retroactively storing
thread_ids for non-existing messages references in already-existing
messages. It took me perhaps too long that a change like that, (while
useful), is too invasive for the current 0.2 release, and not essential
for this particular feature.

So I've postponed that part at least. I hope to make a database-schema
upgrade a key part of a release in a couple of cycles, (for this
feature and for "list:" and "folder:").


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