On Mon, 21 Dec 2009 09:21:40 -0800, Carl Worth <cwo...@cworth.org> wrote:
> I like that you're doing a new file, separate from our current
> notmuch.el. That file has already become extremely large and unwieldy
> and needs to be broken up.
> But to do that, I really want to get the emacs lisp files out of the
> top-level directory, (and down into contrib/emacs, say). And it might be
> nice to get some of the pending patches merged in before doing a big
> restructuring here.

OK, I'll no doubt have at least one more version of this patch before it
get merged in.  I already have a few minor changes, but I'm using it in 
"production" with the org-mode link stuff, so we'll see if that shakes
out any more issues.  I'll post an updated version if/when I see the
json output patches merged to master.  


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