On 2010-01-14, Carl Worth wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jan 2010 18:38:54 +0100, Adrian Perez de Castro 
> <ape...@igalia.com> wrote:
>> I am using XFS, which always returns DT_UNKNOWN. Taking into account that
>> there is a good deal of people using filesystems other than the ones you
>> mention, and that other non-linux filesystems may also return DT_UNKNOWN,
>> in my opinion there should be a fall-back. I will try to post a patch
>> Anytime Soon=E2=84=A2.
> We definitely want the fallback. I can attempt to code it, but I don't
> have ready access to an afflicted filesystem, so I'd need help testing
> anyway.
> I'd love to see a patch for this bug soon. Be sure to CC me when the
> patch is sent and that will help me commit it sooner.

Not a full patch, but I already posted what this code should look like
to handle both systems without d_type, and those which return DT_UNKNOWN:



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