On 01/23/2010 07:09 AM, Carl Worth wrote:

Your original patch was sent as "application/octet-stream" which made it
awkward to read, (I would have to manually save it rather than just
being able to read it within emacs with notmuch).

uum yeah thanks. I'll try to figure out how this works.

But I've since pushed a separate patch to fix this bug. Please give it a
try and let me know what you think.

will do later.

It takes around half an hour for my 60K mail on reiserfs, but it did take 10 
already on ext4.

What operation is taking that long?

notmuch new, rescanning my entire 60k mails on every single new message i get.

I suggest having a different approach to feed new mail in, such as:

for i in (fetchmail)
     notmuch new<  $i

I'm still not sure what is slow for you,

scanning 60k mails. :D  That's not fixable, other then by not doing that.

but I'm also not sure how the above would help.

It doesn't scan all 60K individually but only the single new one.

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