On Fri, 15 Jan 2010 08:27:50 +0100, Arvid Picciani <a...@exys.org> wrote:
> works for me, thanks Dirk.  patch against HEAD is attached ( i hope. i'm
> new to emacs mail :D )

Hi Arvid,

Your original patch was sent as "application/octet-stream" which made it
awkward to read, (I would have to manually save it rather than just
being able to read it within emacs with notmuch).

But I've since pushed a separate patch to fix this bug. Please give it a
try and let me know what you think.

> It takes around half an hour for my 60K mail on reiserfs, but it did take 10 
> minutes
> already on ext4.

What operation is taking that long?

> I suggest having a different approach to feed new mail in, such as:
> for i in (fetchmail)
> do
>     notmuch new < $i
> done

I'm still not sure what is slow for you, but I'm also not sure how the
above would help.


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