On 2010-01-15, Dirk-Jan C  Binnema wrote:
>    Olly>   Other than Linux, the d_type field is available mainly only on BSD
>    Olly>   systems.
> Yes, my patch could me generalized a bit more, just like your patch could not
> hardcode the '/'-separator :)

Well, '/' works as a directory separator for all Unix systems and also
for Microsoft Windows at this level.  Is there a system which doesn't
accept '/' in this place which is still relevant?

Personally I don't see the point in aiming for portability to systems like
Mac OS 9, RISC OS, and VMS in 2010...

> In practice though, what Unices in use today do not support d_type?

Solaris 10 doesn't for starters.  I don't have ready access to the other
non-Linux, non-BSD Unix flavours to check those right now.


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