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>>>>> "OB" == Olly Betts <o...@survex.com> writes:

    OB> On 2010-01-15, Dirk-Jan C  Binnema wrote:
    Olly> Other than Linux, the d_type field is available mainly only on BSD
    Olly> systems.
    >> Yes, my patch could me generalized a bit more, just like your patch 
could not
    >> hardcode the '/'-separator :)

    OB> Well, '/' works as a directory separator for all Unix systems and also
    OB> for Microsoft Windows at this level.  Is there a system which doesn't
    OB> accept '/' in this place which is still relevant?

Note the ':)' This was just point that it's very hard to write software that
does not include *some* degree of platform-preference.

Anyway (going slightly OT here) regarding the '\', I think the one system in
wide use that insists on '\' would be Symbian. Porting Unix stuff is usually
not too hard with the Symbian's compatiblity-libc. (But maybe the
dir-separator is still the least of your concerns).

>> In practice though, what Unices in use today do not support d_type?

    OB> Solaris 10 doesn't for starters.  I don't have ready access to the other
    OB> non-Linux, non-BSD Unix flavours to check those right now.

Ah, thanks. Solaris 10 is fairly important indeed.  Another one is Cygwin (it
added it fairly recently), Linux before 2.6.4. I've added a configure check
for now. Performance must be quite terrible with a working d_type.

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