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> The request for relicensing was presented to the git community in:
>        Message-ID: <871vgmki4f....@steelpick.localdomain>
> and explicitly agreed to by Junio C Hamano, Sverre Rabbelier, Johannes
> Schindelin, Pierre Habouzit, and Johannes Sixt.

(of all projects, Mercurial!) take a look at Mercurial's attempt at
relicensing last year (http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/Relicensing):
they contacted all 300+ contributors as part of the process.

Of course, we aren't talking about relicensing the whole codebase.
However, I don't think any of the contributors agreed to assign their
work to the 5 people mentioned above (eg. under a contributor licence
agreement), so just getting the approval of them is not enough; you
need to get the approval of *all* contributors to test-lib.sh.

Here's what I get with 'git shortlog t/test-lib.sh  | grep "^[A-Z]"'

   Alex Riesen (5):
   Brandon Casey (2):
   Bryan Donlan (3):
   Carl Worth (1):
   Christian Couder (1):
   Clemens Buchacher (3):
   David Reiss (1):
   Emil Sit (1):
   Eric Wong (3):
   Fredrik Kuivinen (1):
   Gerrit Pape (1):
   Jakub Narebski (1):
   Jeff King (7):
   Johan Herland (1):
   Johannes Schindelin (14):
   Johannes Sixt (12):
   Jonathan Nieder (1):
   Josh Triplett (1):
   Junio C Hamano (57):
   Lea Wiemann (5):
   Markus Heidelberg (1):
   Martin Waitz (1):
   Matthew Ogilvie (1):
   Matthias Lederhofer (1):
   Michael J Gruber (4):
   Michele Ballabio (2):
   Miklos Vajna (1):
   Nicolas Pitre (1):
   Pavel Roskin (3):
   Petr Baudis (3):
   Pierre Habouzit (2):
   Robin Rosenberg (1):
   Shawn O. Pearce (4):
   Stephan Beyer (1):
   Stephen Boyd (1):
   Sverre Rabbelier (2):

PS: This message should not be construed as legal advice.

Ray Chuan
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