Carl Worth <> writes:

> This file has had no explicit license information noted in it, but
> has clearly been created and modified according to the terms of GPLv2
> as with the rest of the git code base.
> The purpose of relicensing is to allow other GPLv3+ projects (in
> particular, the notmuch project: to use this
> same test-suite structure (and to contribute changes back as well).

Please drop the parentheses around the last phrase (but not the last
phrase itself).

> The request for relicensing was presented to the git community in:
>       Message-ID: <871vgmki4f....@steelpick.localdomain>

Message-ID alone is not a good way to help people locate the request.
Please at least mention what mailing list the message was sent to; better
yet, do so like this:

so that people can see the consent from the primary author (that is where
the focus is), the original request (that can be seen by looking at its
immediate parent), and messages with consent from other contributors, all
in one place.

> and explicitly agreed to by Junio C Hamano, Sverre Rabbelier, Johannes
> Schindelin, Pierre Habouzit, and Johannes Sixt.
> ---

And a sign-off ;-).

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