On Tue, 06 Apr 2010 19:01:07 +0200, Michal Sojka <sojk...@fel.cvut.cz> wrote:
> here is my report of git's test-lib relicensing. The following is the
> last list sent to me by Junio. I guess you have this information
> somewhere in your mailbox as well.

Hi Michal,

Thanks for following up with this.

> There are three contributors who didn't respond to me. The contributions
> of two of them are clearly not copyrightable (Stephan Beyer and Bert
> Wesarg - see the links to commits in the wiki). The last contributor is
> Bryan Donlan who fix a few quoting problems which are quite simple but I
> do not have any clue whether this is copyrightable or not
> (see gitk --author='Bryan Donlan' t/test-lib.sh).
> Junio was talking about only three missing Acks so I guess he already
> did some filtering based on copyrightability. Do you know which three
> Acks were missing according to Junio and whether these are in my list?

It seems you've done a careful job and I appreciate that. I don't know
any more details about what Junio was expecting. And he's really the one
you should approach at this point.

I do not plan to accept this source into our tree until the git project
itself has accepted the license change on its own. So if the above
analysis satisfies Junio, and he accepts the patch, then we can take it.


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