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> I've been thinking about this more and it really seems we need a way to
> just share tags.  What if we had a way to export all the tags for a set
> of messages as a notmuch dump file, that could just be piped into
> notmuch to modify tags?  This would be a great way for lots of people to
> keep tags synced on a set of messages.

After a conversation with David last year about bug-tracking, I worked
up a rough python-based prototype of this. It worked in terms of
namespaces, so Carl could associate the namespace "public" with a list
of tags he publishes to a http-accessable location. And you could
associate the namespace "cworth" with those same tags.

He types `whatevercommand push public` and all tags "public.*" go to an
config-associated URL.

You type `whatevercommand pull cworth` and the tags come down from that
URL as "cworth.*".

So what he has as "public.to-push" comes down to your notmuch as

It's available here:


See these emails for more (but note that the repo url has changed to the

There were some details and inherent ambiguities about conflict
resolution, and the above emails explain how I dealt with them. 

Note also that it uses python's configparser, which will overwrite your
config -- which means it'll get rid of your comments. So if you use any
of the config-writing commands, make sure you back up your config first.

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