On Mon, 06 Jun 2011 13:20:00 -0400, Jesse Rosenthal <jrosent...@jhu.edu> wrote:
> After a conversation with David last year about bug-tracking, I worked
> up a rough python-based prototype of this. It worked in terms of
> namespaces, so Carl could associate the namespace "public" with a list
> of tags he publishes to a http-accessable location. And you could
> associate the namespace "cworth" with those same tags.

This sounds very cool, Jesse.  Very git-like.  I like it.

> You type `whatevercommand pull cworth` and the tags come down from that
> URL as "cworth.*".
> So what he has as "public.to-push" comes down to your notmuch as
> "cworth.to-push".

Did you guys try to address the issue of tag removal at all?  I've been
trying to decide if this is something we need to worry about or not.
For instance, if cworth pushed a tag ".needs-review", you would probably
want to have that tag removed if cworth removed it.  I guess
alternatively he could just push the tag ".reviewed" to nullify the
meaning of the previous one.  I'm not sure that would work in all cases,


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