Jani Nikula <j...@nikula.org> writes:

> On Wed, 17 Oct 2012, Adrien Bustany <adr...@bustany.org> wrote:
>> The code of the patches in unchanged, but the formatting issues are now
>> hopefully fixed.
> Hi Adrien, please check at what version flush and reopen have been
> introduced to xapian. If they are new-ish (I don't know, didn't have the
> time to check), please add appropriate #ifdefs. [1] lays the groundwork
> for this. We'll also need to decide what is the minimum xapian version
> required in general, i.e. features earlier than that don't need
> conditional compilation.

Hi! The new versions of these patches are still pretty trivial and they
still look OK to me, but based on Jani's prompting I decided to look up
the methods. Seems that flush() is a very old (pre-1.1.0, 2009-04) name
for commit(), which is the preferred name these days. You should
probably therefore rename the function notmuch_database_commit, and have
it call the WritableDatabase::commit() method.

reopen() is a very very old method, seems like it has been around since

So I think Adrien is safe from having to do version checks, but we
should probably use commit() instead of flush().

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