On Sat, 2009-11-21 at 15:51 +0100, Stefan Schmidt wrote:

> Sadly that takes around 25 minutes here on an Intel Core2Duo notbeook 
> (Thinkpad
> X200s). I tried this several times now. CPU load was low (~10%) during this 
> time
> so it is mostly IO bound.

I see the same behavior on my notebook.  

I gather from talking to keithp that things like the 'state of already
being read' aren't being picked up from the file names in the local
Maildir yet.  Thus I suspect it's a fairly unusual / worst case scenario
trying to start up with 178k (in my case) supposedly-unread messages
tagged inbox.

I haven't figured out how to quickly tag everything as already read or
archived or whatever .. can someone who knows more about what's going on
confirm my hypothesis and if so, suggest the best approach to getting to
a happier state?


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