Many thanks to Marten and Carl for the advice on using scripts for
assigning tags automatically.  It works like a charm.

The next hurdle seems to be dealing with sent mail.  I would like each
message that I send to be saved in my local mail folder and treated the
same as all my other messages -- so it will get indexed and put in the
right thread, etc.  (For example, right now the thread that started with
my question about automatic tags only has the two replies in it, and its
subject is "Re: [notmuch] automatically...")  Bcc-ing myself on every
sent message is suboptimal for a number of reasons: (1) gmail throws
away the bcc-ed copy since it has the same message id as the one sitting
in the gmail sent mail, and so the bcc-ed copy never makes it back to my
local mail;  (2) even if this was working, it would be an unnecessary
waste of bandwidth. 

After looking around for a little bit, the only other option I could see
was to use the FCC mail header.  Unfortunately this wants a filename to
save to (rather than just a directory); so I have to manually add the
FCC: header, put in a filename that doesn't yet exist, type 'y' to
confirm that I want the file to be created.  It would be great if I
could just set the directory where sent mail should go to as a global
option, and then everything would happen automatically without any more
effort from me.

I realise that this is more of an emacs question than a notmuch
question, but I'm hoping that somebody on this list has an elegant
solution to this.


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