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> However, if I'm using notmuch in emacs and press 'm' to compose a new
> message, then the Bcc header is not added automatically and I guess it's
> not surprising that the rest doesn't work as expected.

Yeah, sorry about that. That's a known bug.

> So where is the difference between 'm' and 'r' coming from?

The difference is that 'r' actually runs the "notmuch reply" command and
that command explicitly puts your own address into the Bcc. So this is
happening outside of any emacs code.

When you hit 'm', though, there's not any notmuch code involved,
(neither C code, nor emacs lisp), as it's currently just running
`message-mail'. So we need to figure out how to configure (or hook) that
to insert the Bcc, and then we can fix notmuch.el to do this without any
user configuration.

> I have (setq mail-self-blind t)  in my .emacs, and I thought that should take
> care of things, but it obviously doesn't.

Ah, interesting.

I'm guessing that that variable would apply to the "mail" mode stuff in
emacs, but perhaps not the "message" mode stuff we're using.

Yes, emacs mail support is a huge pile of very similar, but incompatible

Hopefully someone can fix this soon, since I really don't like the fact
that I'm currently not getting copies of several messages that I'm
composing and sending.

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