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> On Sun, 20 Dec 2009 13:31:13 -0500, Jameson wrote:
> > There must be a way to tell emacs message-mode to save a copy of
> > outgoing mail locally. Mutt does this with it's Fcc commands (ie. 
> > "file carbon copy"). I think we should look for a solution like this.
> Gnus uses Gcc for this (see gnus-message-archive-group and
> gnus-message-archive-method); I think message.el also supports Fcc; eg. 
> see message-fcc-handler-function:

Adam, thanks for the info on the message-fcc-handler-function.  I'll try
to get something working based on this.  There are two questions of
design now:

1. where should the file be saved?  I'm thinking of a new setting in
$NOTMUCH_CONFIG, along the lines of sentmail_path=...
Should there be a default if this is not set, e.g. a subdirectory "sent"
of the directory given in the config variable "path"?

2. of course, filenames need to be unique.  Do we want/have to follow
the maildir file naming conventions listed at
or is it enough to use the Emacs lisp make-temp-file?


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