Adrien Bustany <adrien at> writes:

> This makes notmuch appropriately free the underlying notmuch C objects
> when garbage collecting their Go wrappers. To make sure we don't break
> the underlying links between objects (for example, a notmuch_messages_t
> being GC'ed before a notmuch_message_t belonging to it), we add for each
> wraper struct a pointer to the owner object (Go objects with a reference
> pointing to them don't get garbage collected).

Hi Adrien! This whole series is marked moreinfo, but I don't think
that's just. It looks like there were some unresolved issues about
reference tracking and garbage collection, and some suggestions to use
the C values of enums instead of regenerating them with iota, but
there's definitely valid code that I assume would be useful if anyone
ever wanted to write in Go ;). Are you figuring to clean this series up?

This comment should s/wraper/wrapper/.


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