Gaute Hope <eg at> writes:

> I am talking about syncing tags to a maildir _folder_, not flags. It
> could be implemented as maildir.synchronize is now, but it would be a
> larger feature which could work in a lot of different ways.

So to try and clarify the use case, this could be used to add a tag
"changed" to each message-id that had one or more files
moved/added/deleted on disk.  You would then retag that message using
something like the output of notmuch search --output=files so that a set
of tags corresponds to a set of folders containing the message. Is this
correct?   I guess the proposed ctime information could be used for this
as well, if it also tracked those non-tag related changes. I guess this
would make it worse for David M's purposes (although presumeably still
better than nothing).


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