Hi all

Thank you for your replay.

I said "the module don't give any result" because when I ping form source
host the destination is not reachable. I think it's a problem of loop,
because in a partial mesh I have many path from source to destination.

I developed a Nox application and one of the feature of this application is
to instantiate path from source to destination. And I would like to evaluate
my module with another existing module in Nox. that's why I'm looking for an
application developed with Nox to do this evaluation.

Thanks in advance

2011/5/19 Murphy McCauley <jam...@nau.edu>

> What do you mean by "don't give any result"?
> Do you have NOX working on topologies besides your partial mesh one?
> You'll need to have the topology component and probably the discovery
> component running, so please make sure they are (start nox with -v or -v
> -v).
> Your problem may be that the routing module does not deal well with loops.
> There is a spanning tree component that aims to fix this.  You can find it
> at
> http://www.openflow.org/wk/index.php/Basic_Spanning_Tree .  It will take a
> little tweaking to get it running on current releases of NOX, but I think
> it's
> mostly just changing the meta file (you can try the meta file conversion
> script,
> which should be in the scripts directory in the destiny branch if I
> remember
> right).
> -- Murphy
> On Thursday, May 19, 2011 05:13:17 AM marwen mechtri wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I'm exploring "routing", "sample_routing" and "switch" module of Nox but
> > when I configure a partial mesh network this modules don't give any
> result.
> > Could you tell me if this modules use dijkstra to calculate Path between
> > source and destination. And if not, do you know a module that use
> dijkstra
> > or any kind of method to calculate source to destination Path, could you
> > please give me its name.
> >
> > Thinks
> > Best regards
> > Marwen
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