I've been looking through the partcover plugin that Liit wrote last week.

I noticed that it is using a new dependency: 
+    <dependency>
+      <groupId>eu.cedarsoft.utils</groupId>
+      <artifactId>zip</artifactId>
+      <version>1.3</version>
+    </dependency>

However, according to the website, that's under GPLv3 with the classpath 
exception. Since it's just for unzipping, can it be replaced with 
commons-compress or plexus-archiver?
It was also unclear why it was needed, since I don't see a templates.zip in the 
classloader for the plugin - it seems in a later revision this is created 
during the build, but couldn't it be possible to just copy the files directly 
from the resources?

Not as critical, but I notice that you have to hardcode the locations of the 
applications in your POM. Can these be defaulted to names in the PATH? We 
should also reuse the tools in dotnet-executable to locate them, which already 
exists for nunit-console. In the docs, it isn't clear that ${PartCover.exe} 
means they are meant to type in a path instead of literally ${PartCover.exe}.


Brett Porter

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